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Just sending back a reply regarding my Springtime Tulips & the Rhine cruise. Even though it was a late spring I still thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The ship was beautiful and immaculately clean. The staff was amazing. It felt like my sister and I had an extended family holidaying with us. I can't praise their hard work and dedication high enough. I have been recommending this trip to anyone and everyone that will lend me their ears. A big THANK YOU to all involved with this holiday, its the best I've had in many years. Brenda M

I am a convert to group travel thanks to Gutsy Women Travel -- that was the absolute best vacation trip I have ever taken in Europe--or heck, anywhere. Cindy B - Lexington Park, MD

The Amalfi Coast Discovery was absolutely fantastic - the best vacation I’ve ever had! Our guide was wonderful; she took care of ALL the details. Our small group size made it very easy for us to get around and get to know each other. I’m completely sold on Gutsy Women and am looking forward to my next trip! Maggie H

After three Gutsy Women trips and counting, I can truly say that my trips with them both invigorate and relax one's spirit. It is such a pleasure to travel with like-minded women, enjoy terrific experiences, and end up being new friends. Life is great and Gutsy Women Travel is a joy! Lorry M - Diamond Bar, California

Travel is not for sissies. Sometimes it is very stressful, that’s why I like being with a small group of women. I appreciate being pampered and having all the logistics taken care of so I can really relax. Katie B - St. Louis, Missouri

My first trip with all women gave me wings. Now I know I can go anywhere, the question is: where next? Margee M - Seattle, Washington

The fact that the trip was all women made it so special. I was happy not to feel like a fifth wheel for once. The hotels were lovely and I couldn’t have had any more fun. Bettylou H - Reno, Nevada

This was TOTALLY different. I have served on charity boards where an all women board can be problematic, so I was skeptical about traveling with only other women. But everyone was there to have fun, and we did!  Debbie F

The Gutsy tour managers made the difference between a good trip and a great one. Gutsy is the perfect company for me because I like the small group size so you can easily bond with your fellow travelers. After 5 Gutsy trips, I have new friends from all around the country! Jody A, Longmont - CO

True friendships evolved. Traveling with other women is just a different experience. Candid conversations with ‘strangers’ led to sincere, caring friendships and we are already talking about booking our next tour together! Bobbi M

My many new friends are an extended reward of my travels with Gutsy! Gutsy Women Travel makes vacationing so easy and it gives the participant 100% confidence in having a great and memorable time. Elaine H

I prefer the style of travel that Gutsy offers. Being in smaller groups, having all the logistics taken care of and especially the camaraderie of the other women. Diane K - Livermore, CA