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Guaranteed Share Program

Solo travelers take note: Gutsy Women Travel offers competitive SINGLE SUPPLEMENT rates and also offers the Guaranteed Share Program.

Passengers who experience a Gutsy Women Travel tour tell us they return with new lifelong friends and find the experience to be like an adult pajama party! Within a few hours of meeting their fellow travelers they are sharing experiences of triumph, heartbreak, divorce, illness, career issues, and more and are surprised to find the amazing commonalities between women from all parts of the country and the world!

If you are a solo traveler and want to take a tour with us, you can book your own accommodation and take advantage of our competitive SINGLE SUPPLEMENT rates. If you are a solo traveler and interested in offsetting the SINGLE SUPPLEMENT, don’t worry about not having anyone to travel with as approximately 25% of our passengers are looking to share accommodations. Many are actually married, but their husbands don’t have the same travel interests or vacation time. Gutsy Women Travel is the perfect solution for them, as well as teachers, professional women and women on their own.

We are pleased to welcome solo travelers with our Guaranteed Share Program. 
Here’s how it works:

Book any one of our tours 90 days or more prior to the departure date as a Share. For tours including a safari or cruise, share pricing is guaranteed if deposit is made at least 120 days prior to departure date. We will guarantee you a roommate or we will cover the cost of the SINGLE SUPPLEMENT so you have your own room if we cannot find someone. You can make your booking online here at gutsywomentravel.com and then e-mail a mini-biography (noting your invoice number) to customerservice@gutsywomentravel.com so that you can be matched up with a potential roommate. Please note: If you book less than 90 days prior to departure, all efforts will be made to find a roommate; however, we cannot guarantee it. So now you have absolutely no reason not to take a Gutsy Women Travel vacation! Grab a pen, get your calendar and start planning!