Savings & Loyalty Program

SAVE up to 7.5% and lock in your price!

The earlier you pay, the more you save

  • Our Good Buy Plan policy has a maximum savings of 7.5% on any departure based on a 10% APR (Annual Percentage Rate)—for an average savings of $400-$500 per person
  • Lock in your price—you’re guaranteed your price won’t increase even if fuel costs go up, currency values fluctuate, or other unexpected costs arise
  • Savings apply to your entire vacation—including airfare, pre- and post-trip extensions, and cabin and deck upgrades—when you pay in full by check or electronic funds transfer
  • 9 months prior to final payment due date is approximately 12 months prior to trip departure (final payment is due 90 days prior to departure)

The earlier you reserve and pay in full by check or electronic funds transfer, the more you'll save. Plus, you'll protect your investment from fuel surcharge increases, currency increases, or other unexpected costs. It’s guaranteed savings—and peace of mind.

Savings for GWT Guided Vacations operated by Overseas Adventure Travel and Grand Circle
Months That You Pay in Full Prior to Your Final Payment Due Date
(90 days prior to your departure date)
Guarantee Your Price and Receive Good Buy Plan Savings Per Person
9 months or more 7.5% off $412
8 months 6% off $330
7 months 5% off $275
6 months 4% off $220
5 months 3% off $165
Make your final payment by check within 120 days $50 off $50

EXAMPLE: Based on a $5500 trip price

*You will save a minimum of $50 when you pay in full by check.

Please note: To receive your eligible savings, you have until the applicable Good Buy Plan deadline to pay in full by check or electronic funds transfer. Eligible savings are calculated on your entire trip price after any non-cash payments have been deducted (credit cards, vouchers, credits, certificates) based on how many months prior to departure you have paid in full. Overseas Adventure Travel's Good Buy Plan is not applicable on reservations where credit card payments exceed the initial deposit plus Travel Protection Plan amounts, or inside of 90 days of departure.

Please contact us for more information.